Sunday, February 13, 2011

Debate on The Future of Israel Mp3 Nathanael Taylor vs Ben Rochester

The debate can be downloaded here:

The debate is downloaded in two parts so if you want to listen to the entire thing make sure to download both parts. Listen and decide for yourselves which is the correct view.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kevin DeYoung: Tradition Still Requires An Interpretation

Kevin DeYoung has put up a very helpful article over at The Gospel Coalition regarding the interpretation of tradition. It's an argument that has been made many times here at this blog, but a good refresher never hurts. Follow the link below.

Tradition Still Requires Interpretation

Monday, February 7, 2011

Upcoming Debate on the Future of Ethnic Israel

This upcoming Saturday I will be participating in a formal debate with Ben Rochester. I will be arguing that it is reasonable to think that the word of God promises in Romans 11 that there will be a future conversion of ethnic Israel, whereas Rochester will be arguing that it is not reasonable to think that the word of God promises that there will be a future conversion of ethnic Israel. If anybody would want to come then that would be great. I would greatly appreciate your support. But if you are not able to make it I will provide a free mp3 audio recording of the debate on this blog.

Here are the details about the debate:

What is Hoagies & Stogies?

Hoagies & Stogies is a men’s fellowship for reformed, theological debate; it was created by one of my elders before he was an elder. When he was ordained, he got too busy, and he gave the reins of the ministry to me. The men gather for a simple meal of hoagies, with home-brewed beer, or soft drinks. After a while, we all refill our glasses, and those who are so inclined light up their best stogies and kick back and enjoy a theological debate. But if you are not a smoker (like me), or not a drinker (or not both!), you are still welcome. (You can consider it your mission to ensure that Christian liberty is exercised with due charity!)
What/when/where is the next Hoagies & Stogies?

* What: Rom 11 and the future of Israel
* When: Feb 12, 5pm–
* Where: Patton Compound: 3768 Miles Ct, Spring Valley.
* Who: We’ve got two WSCAL students. On the ”Future for Israel” side, Nate Taylor. On the ”No National Conversion side”, Ben Rochester.

If anyone wants to come please RSVP in the message box on this site: so they know how many people to expect. So far we are expecting to have about 50 men coming.