Thursday, May 27, 2010

Disciples had Images of Jesus (Part 7)

The second argument against the abrogation of Jesus images position is that the disciples saw Jesus which entails that there were images of Jesus on their retinas and their minds, therefore, pictures of Jesus are legitimate . This objection relies on a mischaracterization of my position. My position has never been that seeing and having mental images of Jesus after having a direct encounter with the incarnate Christ when he was on this earth is wrong. Rather my position is that it is only wrong to have mental pictures of Christ in this post apostolic era when Jesus is no longer on this earth visibly in his human nature. The Bible teaches that all the disciples saw the incarnate Christ and they dwelled on their past experiences with him, but the manner in which they communicated the incarnation to those who did not see Jesus was through verbal and written communication. Hence, this argument is ineffective against my position because it attacks a premise which my position does not hold, namely, that it was wrong for the Apostles to see and have mental images of Jesus.

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