Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Richard Dawkins Excuse For Not Debating William Lane Craig

It's Ironic here that Dawkins says he will only debate a Bishop, Archbishop, Pope, or Cardinal and will not debate a creationist. The reason why it is Ironic is because Dawkins debated John Lennox who Dawkins considers to be a creationist and yet fits none of Dawkins above criteria. Furthermore, Dawkins also debated Alister Mcgrath who also does not fit into Dawkins criteria of a high ranking church man. It seems that Dawkins excuse for not debating William Lane Craig does not hold water.


  1. There is a reason that Dawkins would debate people like Lennox and McGrath: they are from Oxford. Apparently, being a member of the Oxford faculty also brings with it a cordiality between colleagues, even among those who in writing vigorously disagree with each other (I am thinking of McGrath's discussion with Dawkins).

  2. Hello James,

    This is true, but Dawkins does not offer this as reason for not debating Craig.

    God Bless,


  3. He shouldn't debate Craig because he's not a philosopher.

    Then again, I suppose this would be enough reason for him not to debate anyone.

    Personally I think he should just do speeches and such, and stick to the subject of biology.

    He has some (very limited) interesting things to say about religion and all, but it's evident that it's not his thing. I say all of this and I'm an atheist...