Tuesday, April 27, 2010

John or You?


Very nice to see and hear thoughts on the exegesis of God's Word that goes beyond what particular individual X would like the text to mean given his 21st Century high school education.... Context, anyone? Let me advise this - any comment given will be subject to the same respect God's Word is given in that comment, meaning if terms are definable apart from and indifferent to authorial intent, so will be the response. I am, honestly, tired of the popular arminian's disrespect of Holy Writ and postmodernized response to what is written. Give an understanding that is consistent with what you expect from your own writing - respect to authorial intentions and the author's defined words given not only in his/her own understanding but also his/her culture's use of such terms. Let John define his terms, not your particular theological/philosophical theory.

Beau McKinley Boyd

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  1. The comparison between John 11:51 and 1 John 2:2 was very insightful!